What services do you provide?2020-07-16T12:13:43+00:00
  • Design consultation by appointment at our show house to discuss size, design and layout amongst other helpful information.
  • Architectural drawings and specifications.
  • Drafting and lodging your planning application.
  • Custom designs.
  • Onsite survey and report prepared.
  • Installation of your Tiny Home (including foundation allowing for airflow).
Does my Tiny Home require planning permission?2020-07-16T12:17:56+00:00

Technically yes, please see our section on planning permission to learn more.

How much is a Tiny Home?2020-07-16T12:18:38+00:00

Tiny Homes usually range from €35,000 – €70,000.

We are happy to talk to you and give you an estimated cost based off of what you are looking for and what level of service you require.

We start with an approximate price and confirm a final quote once we have conducted a site survey.

This final quote has no hidden costs and includes a breakdown of everything included with our tailored service. Get in contact to receive your quote today: design@tinyhomes.ie.

How long will it take?2020-07-16T12:19:03+00:00

Approximate 6 – 10 week lead time from order.

Are there different sizes?2020-07-16T12:19:43+00:00

Structures range in size from 150 ft² to 500 ft².

What’s included in a standard Tiny Home?2020-07-16T12:21:31+00:00
  • Complete weather proof structure.
  • 30 year roof guarantee – German Bauder, advanced roofing product, that meets diverse needs in terms of budget, performance and functional roofing material.
  • Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch or Douglas Fir cladding. These sturdy wooden finishes require little treatment every 4 years. We also have 0 maintenance options available in different colors.
  • Fully wired and plumbed (hot & cold water), ready to connect.
  • Double glazing UPVC.
  • Sliding Patio Door.
  • Complete bathroom suite, toilet, shower and sink.
  • Complete kitchen, hob, sink, kitchenware storage.
  • Multiple sockets and LED lighting, including outside lighting in soffit.
  • Under plinth fan heating.
  • Shelving and hanging space for personal items in smallest design house – wardrobe and additional storage available in larger designs.
  • Fixed stairs.
Are living costs reduced?2020-07-16T12:22:03+00:00


  • Low heating costs.
  • Low electricity bills.
  • Low property tax.
  • Little or no maintenance costs.
Can it be sold on?2020-07-16T12:22:22+00:00

Yes, Tiny Homes can be sold and transported to other locations.

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