Tiny homes are a fully functioning home on a small scale


Tiny Homes require planning permission in Ireland as they are classed as ‘habitable dwellings’.

The term ‘habitable dwelling’ is a blanket term used by all planning authorities which is simply defined as a livable structure.

This planning permission rule apples to all ‘habitable dwellings’ that are on site and connected to services (water/ electricity), this includes: Tiny Homes on wheels, mobile homes, caravans, pods and livable structures under 25m².

Planning applications are not as difficult as you might fear. After we lodge your planning application, a decision is made after 13 weeks and so long as there has not been an objection upheld, we can provide your Tiny Home soon after.

We would be happy to provide a planning application service with drawings for your Tiny Home. Contact Colla on 083 8116025 or design@tinyhomes.ie for more information.